MEDIA GALLERY (52 mins complete overview of Gambia justice project) (3:57 mins Gambia Mobile Legal Aid Clinics) (7:38 mins traditional community leader training) (7:28 mins law enforcement training Gambia) ( 5:29 mins Female Lawyers Assn. Gambia Access to Justice) (60 mins Gambia Law Reports publication ceremony)

At the Higher Judicial Institute, Rabat, Morocco



Meeting with local ADR conciliators, the "Alkalos", in Jarra West District Courthouse, The Gambia



Meeting with Alkalos, Imams and Cadis in Kerewan District Court ("pleine aire"), The Gambia



With the Hon. Emmanuel Agim, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic
of the Gambia



With Justices of the Commercial Court of Uganda flanked by courthouse sculpture
depicting Uganda Commerce "Uchumi", donated to the court by commercial constituents



The Uganda Commercial Court Building in Kampala constructed and equipped by
funding from the European Commission



Plaque in the foyer of the Uganda Commercial Court Building



Commercial Law Training Session, Judicial Center, Tit Mellil, Region of Casablanca, Morocco



 Legal Aid Awards Ceremony, Beirut Bar Association, Lebanon



Addressing Media at Opening of Beirut Courthouse Press Room, Lebanon



Ribbon Cutting Ceremon, Beirut Courthouse Pressroom, Lebanon



With Project Team at the Office of the Lebanese Minister of Justice



Bankruptcy Reorganization Training, Higher Judicial Institute, Rabat, Morocco



With the King's Prosecutor, Rabat Commercial Court, Morocco



Rabat Commercial Court, Morocco



Moroccan Delegation With ADR Expert Jay Folberg at JAMS Offices, San Francisco



Moroccan Delegation Receiving Courtroom Presentation on ADR Services of
the United States District Court, Northern District of California



Ms. Navin Salim Merchant, Program Manager of World Bank-IFC ADR Program
for the Middle East and North Africa with Janet Martinez of the Gould Center for
Dispute Resolution at Stanford Law School



Associate Projects Officers Zineb Benkirane and Rachid Sassy of the World Bank-IFC, Rabat



With the President of the Iraqi Bar Association and the Hon. Zuhair Al-Maliki


With Data Collection Team Evaluating the USAID Iraq Access to Justice Project, Baghdad



Evaluating Project Support to Women for Justice Legal Clinic, Karbala. Iraq